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Finding fulfillment in motherhood

We want you to feel full of purpose and joy as a mom. Click below for episodes on finding your passion project, living with intention, mastering self-care and more.

Homeschool tips and tools

With a combined 30+ years of homeschooling experience, we can help you feel more confident, prepared and motivated to homeschool your amazing children.

Creating happiness in marriage

We firmly believe that working on our marriages is one of the greatest things we can do for our children. Listen to episodes on mindset, intimacy, date nights and more.

Practical Parenting Tips, Ages 0-12

Those early years of parenting are a wild ride! Let us walk you through potty-training, picky eating, sleep logistics and dealing with screen time, just to name a few.

Practical Parenting Tips, Ages 13+

The teenage years are some of our favorites! We'll help you find the best in your teens; let's talk about young drivers, goal setting, cell phones and so much more.

Pregnancy, Babies & Birth

With 19 babies between us, you could say we're somewhat of experts on these subjects! We love to chat about teething, birth choices, babywearing, and breastfeeding.

Meal Time & Bed Time

Getting kids to eat meals and go to bed when we want them to can involve never-ending battles. In these episodes, we share our time-proven hacks for making meals and bedtime go smoother.

Helping Kids Overcome Bad Habits

Whether your child struggles with nail biting, bed-wetting, tantrums or dishonesty, we've got solutions. Get help solving your children's troublesome behaviors below.