You love motherhood.
Yet something is missing...

Are you a stay-at-home mom experiencing divine discontent?

Do you feel strongly about keeping your family a top priority but also feel called to do something more?

Have you considered using your God-given talents to start a side hustle but feel overwhelmed at the very idea?

I can help you find joy through building a business.

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Hi, I’m Bonnie.

Life Coach. Entrepreneur. Mom of 10.

I help incredible mothers of faith (like you) discover what lights them up and how to build a business around it, without neglecting their kids.

I can help you:

• explore what God is calling you to do
• stop feeling bad about time away from your kids
• figure out how to get everything done at home

• better enjoy the time you have with your family

You CAN balance serving your beautiful family and the world. Let me help.

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